Q: How can I access the free training plan?
A: Runners who are signed up to run a World Marathon Major race through Active Holiday Company get FREE access to the plans. You need to subscribe to the plan and our team will approve your free access. If you are not an Active Holiday Company client you can opt for a paid subscription on 


Q How can I get a training plan if I am not running a race through Active Holiday Company?
A. Please visit Athloft.com and access marathon plans if you are not an Active Holiday Company customer. You can however join the Runner's Circle under Community where we share updates and information about running and training. 

Q I am running a race with Active Holiday Company but it’s not a World Marathon Major. Can I access a training plan?
A. Currently the free plans are available only for the World Marathon Major races. Training plans specific to other races are available through Athloft at a nominal monthly charge. Please contact us if you'd like a plan for other races. 

Q I am a past traveller with Active Holiday Company but this time I am doing a World Marathon Major race on my own. Can I get free access to the training plan?
A. Even if you have your own race entry you can choose a 'stay only' option with Active Holiday Company. The free plan is available to anyone who is travelling with us to a WMM race - be it the hotel option, the hostel option or the stay-only option. 

Q Where and when can I access the training?
A. The training needs to be accessed on this website under the tab 'Access Plan'. The plan for each week will be updated every Monday afternoon. 


Q How do I know which training plan is right for me?
A. You can use the calculator on Athloft.com to assess your ability and then choose a plan most suitable for you. Alternately please access the recording of the webinar where the coach explains how to choose the right plan.


Q. What if I need guidance during the course of the training? 
A. You can access our coaches on Athloft.com using Book a Call option. The call engagement is on payment basis and only includes guidance with the free plan. It does not include a custom plan. 


Q. What are the launch dates of each of the training plans? 
A. For the 2021 World Marathon Majors the 24 week training plan launch dates are as follows: 

  • BMW Berlin Marathon                Training Starts 12 Apr 2021           Race Day 26 Sep 2021

  • VM London Marathon             Training Starts 19 Apr 2021         Race Day 03 Oct 2021 

  • BOA Chicago Marathon         Training Starts 26 Apr 2021         Race Day 10 Oct 2021

  • Tokyo Marathon                      Training Starts 03 May 2021        Race Day 17 Oct 2021 

  • TCS New York City Marathon Training Starts 24 May 2021        Race Day 07 Nov 2021   

Q. If I am travelling with Active Holiday Company, will I be automatically added to the community page for the race?
A. We will send you an invite to join the group, however, keeping in mind the privacy of our runners we do not add runners to the forums without their consent. Also the community discussions will include all runners signed up for a a race with us while training may be accessed only by some runners. Therefore, joining a training plan does not mean that you are automatically added to the community page.  

Q. What are the benefits of joining the community? 
A. Our runners come from across the world and want to connect with the others who may have similar goals. The community page is a great way to train together through a virtual connection. We also post important updates and news on the community pages. All travel documents in future will be posted on the community pages.